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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by AVA Grace Vineyards.

It’s officially been Summer for over a week now, and one of my favorite parts about Summer is spending time with my friends out on the patio during the evenings! I decided to invite a few of my girlfriends over last week for a little Summer Girls Night for some wine, food, and fun!

  1. Wine, of course! Every girls night needs wine (if you’re over 21), specifically rosé! I enjoy a variety of red wines but my favorites are definitely rosé and a crisp white. They’re perfect for the warmer Summer weather and taste so refreshing. I specifically love these AVA Grace canned wines because you don’t have to worry about stemmed glasses spilling or breaking and can take them to the beach, on a picnic, on a duffy boat ride, etc. What’s also great about AVA Grace wines is that they’re super affordable! I don’t like spending too much money on wine because I honestly can’t afford to. I love the fresh & delicate taste of these wines & the pretty little cans.
  2. Yummy food! Cheese & crackers are an obvious choice when drinking wine, and also super easy.  I personally don’t like cheese, but I had my mom & roommate set up this yummy charcuterie board.  Adding some veggies & hummus perfectly completed our hors d’oeuvres tray.
  3. A fun playlist! I’m super into music and firmly believe it can set and change any mood. I’ve created a Spotify playlist with all of my favorite songs for Summer which you can listen to HERE!
  4. Games! Fun games are always a fun fallback at any gathering. My group of friends loves playing games and some of our favorites are Jackbox TV Escape Room, What Do You MemeWerewolf or One Night, and my favorite, Code Names!
  5. You could also go the typical girls-night-in route and do face masks, paint nails, and watch a cheesy chick flick. Those nights are always the best!

What are your essentials for a Summer Girls Night?! Share in the comments below!

xo Katie

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