Home Decor Wishlist

wander abode decor wishlist

Faux Potted Cacti // Rattan Chair // Brass Frame // Wooden Wine Cabinet // Jacquard Weave Pillow Cover // Hanging Terrarium // Rattan Coffee Table/Bench // Styled Book // Round Mirror // Gold Pot // Winking Mug // Glass Dome // 3-Tier Table // Hashtag Sign

I recently moved into a new apartment and have been decorating like crazy! I’m pretty much finished, but there’s still a few things on my wishlist. Some of them are from Target’s new home brand, Project 62, which is so amazing! As you can see, I’ve definitely got a thing for gold. There’s a lot of gold throughout our apartment! You can see little nooks of my apartment on my Instagram here. I’ll hopefully be sharing more pictures on the blog soon!



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