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While we were in Hawaii a few weeks ago, we went on the Capt Andy’s Sailing Adventure up to the Na Pali Coast! This is a MUST if you visit Kauai!! Capt Andy’s has a few different boat tours that you can go on, but we did the Star Na Pali Dinner Sunset Sail. It included drinks & a 3 course dinner (salad, filet mignon with shrimp & potatoes, and dessert), AMAZING service from the crew, and a 4.5 hour sail from Port Allen up to the Na Pali Coast (where part of Jurassic Park was filmed!). Most of the coast that you’re sailing next to is uninhabited, but you can see some beaches that are only accessible by kayak!

We also got to see a pod of dolphins towards the beginning of the cruise which was so cool! The boat slowed down so we could watch them and take photos, and they started swimming with the boat!

The ride was a little choppy for us, but we all took non-drowsy Dramamine beforehand, so we didn’t get seasick. It also really helps if you sit at the back of the boat because it doesn’t bounce as much as the front.

Thank you, Capt Andy’s for giving us a discount!

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