The SLS Hotel in Las Vegas

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While staying in Las Vegas for WWDMAGIC, I had the amazing opportunity to stay at the new SLS Hotel, courtesy of Matte Black. I’ve been to the SLS in Beverly Hills for Lucky FABB the past two years, but never got to actually stay there so I was really excited to get the full experience! The whole hotel is very luxurious and classy. I had looked up photos of it beforehand to see what the rooms looked like and I DIED, guys. I saw this pink Victorian room that was like something I had seen in my dreams, and was hoping that I would get that room when I stayed there. Unfortunately, I was assigned to a room in the World tower which was smaller and more modern than the pictures I had seen, so I went downstairs to the concierge to ask if I could switch to the pink room in the Luxe tower and they let me!
My friend Chelsea and I ordered room service one of the mornings we were there, and it was so delicious. I ordered the Strawberry Belgian Waffles, and Chelsea ordered the Nutella French Toast. It was so nice to sleep in a little, pig out before Lent started, and watch The Bachelor in bed before a long, long day.
It was so nice to have such a luxurious and relaxing space to come back to after the long hours of walking around. Thank you, Matte Black!
XO Katie



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