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So it’s holiday season, which means stores are having lots of sales, which means… SHOPPING!!!

I really shouldn’t be buying things for myself right now, but I couldn’t really help it since I have a job now and I’m getting money.  But quite a few of these items were not really NECESSARY, but significant for the winter.

Ok. I’ll start with the “beauty” items.  All of them are from Ulta, which is now my favorite place to buy beauty products.  They have all of the high-end makeup, hair, and skin products, but still carry affordable “drugstore” priced items.  They also have their own Ulta brand, which I recently tried and is really good quality. Right now, all of their Ulta brand products are buy 2 get 2 free, so I got 4 nail polishes.  They were $5 each, so I really got 4 for $10. NYX is also an affordable, good quality brand. All of the NYX products right now are buy one get one 50% off. I got an eyeshadow trio with the colors, Nude, Taupe, and Dark Brown.  With these colors, you can do a really pretty daytime smokey eye. This eyeshadow goes on really well, so you can actually see it. It also stays really well throughout the day. I also got just a regular black pencil liner, which I was out of.  Lastly, I got 2 new face washes, which are so far working really well. They’re from the brand Formula 10.0.6, and are only $5.99 each. The first one is One Smooth Operator, which I use in the morning when I take a shower. The “Pumice micro particles buff away dead skin to revitalize your complexion. Oatmeal draws out impurities and zinc controls oil to defy shine.your face will thank you. Formula 10.0.6 one smooth operator: pore cleansing face scrub zinc + oat + pumice this purifiying scrub leaves skin fresh, smooth, and clear.” The second one is a liquid cleanser that I use at night.  It gets rid of all your makeup, and thoroughly cleans your skin. It is a bit harsh, so make sure you use a good moisturizer.

Now that I work in retail at a trendy, fashion-forward clothing store, I need to look fashionable whenever I’m working.  I’ve bought a few things lately to update my wardrobe. My mom just bought me this faux fur vest from Forever 21 for only $24.80.  I wore it to work last night, and since I was running around the store quite a bit, I got really hot. So my suggestion is that if you decide to buy a faux fur vest or already own one, don’t wear it if you know you are going to be walking around a lot or active.  Trust me. Next, I got a pair of white feather earrings with gold chains on them from Wet Seal. They were only about $6, which is a really good price. Next, I got a rose colored tiered lace top. This is also from Wet Seal, and was $23. Next, I finally got a white watch!  I’ve been trying to find a good, affordable one for months, and I finally got one from Wet Seal. It has rhinestones around the face, and has all the numbers on it. It was only $16.50. Lastly, I got a black thick knit sweater from Wet Seal. I really wanted a warm, cozy sweater that I could wear that was still cute and could wear a cute shirt under it that would still show.  This was $22. Oh, and by the way… all of the sweaters (and jeans!) at Wet Seal are buy one get one for $10 right now!

Overall, I am very satisfied with my recent purchases, and will probably be buying more on Black Friday… 🙂  

P.S. Don’t forget to stop by The Wet Seal on Friday to get 50-70% OFF OF THE ENTIRE STORE ON BLACK FRIDAY!!! WE OPEN AT 5AM!

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